Fast Weight Loss - Fort Collins Weight Loss Clinic Resolutions Day3

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Third day of our health resolutions.

1 pitch the sweet drinks

2 we're going to move a little bit more

3 we're going to try to aim for eight hours of sleep

4 vitamin D levels and supplementation

5  try intermittent fasting 

No sodas and no beer . If you're actually doing like a 22-day detox type thing you actually want to eliminate all alcohol . We  discussed why the other day because alcohol has a delayed effect on the body. Alcohol basically hours later breaks down into carbs and then of course that spikes the insulin.  Remember the whole aim of this thing is to lower insulin levels so you may want to  actually  eliminate all alcohol . In my case I have been keto for a year so  when I come home from work I usually drink some wine. I did this on the third  day and when I measure my ketones the next day I am still in ketosis.

Move more is a mantra.  Once again my morning routine is a drink cold glass of water and then I go for a walk. Let me tell you it's getting colder in Colorado as it is now 15 degrees when I went

for my walk in the morning . I have to go kind of early because I am working. Yes 15 degrees is cold. My steps for the day was only 9638 steps. I'm a little short of my 10,000,  but just remember you're aiming for 10,000 and if you get close plus or minus you know that's at least you're trying.  You are changing your way of living. 

How did I do on sleep ? I told you on the very first day that sleep was going to be the most difficult thing for me.  I only got six hours and eight minutes . Once again I fell short. I have to work on getting to bed earlier. 

Took my daily  vitamin D.  I actually took 2,000 units of vitamin d3 with 80 micrograms of vitamin k2  today.  Tomorrow  I'll probably go back up to 5,000 for a day and then i'll do a couple days of 2,000 again. I fully recommend that for in January you go ahead and get your vitamin  D levels checked and then you can adjust your supplementation based on that.


I still am doing my intermittent fasting with cowboy coffee routine. It works. 

Snacking is not  good for your body. Don't do it.  For dinner I had on meatballs with the zucchini noodles with some melted cheese on it . I also at four clock  had some bone broth. I add salt to my bone broth to help me get enough sodium for the day.  The reason I add himalayan salt is because when you're on a ketogenic diet you tend to be lower on your sodium.  Low insulin causes you body to pee out  salt which allows your blood pressure to be lower , which is actually a good thing for you all around. You do  end up having to supplement with a little bit more salt so I do like to do a bone broth which just has protein in it and once again it's also organic and

I add a little bit of himalayan salt with that.


 That was my third day in a nutshell. If you're following along and doing some of these things  you are going to lose some weight. If you  want to lose a lot of weight you probably want to get in touch with the Loveland Medical Clinic.  The weight loss program we run is the 22-day weight-loss program . It's  and excellent program and science based. You will lose weight

on any weight loss program ,  but if you want to have a lifestyle change I think our program is the best. We are not going to put you on shakes and all this other junk.  We are going to teach you how to eat correctly and how you can maximize your diet for your health.  

This is Siegfried Emme FNP with the Loveland Medical Clinic signing off and i will be chatting with you guys tomorrow bye. 


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Third day of our health resolutions.1 pitch the sweet drinks2 we're going to move a little bit more3 we're going to try to aim for eight hours of sleep4 vitamin D levels and supplementation5  try intermittent fasting No sodas and no beer . If you're actually doing like a 22-day detox type thing you actually want to eliminate all alcohol . We  discussed ...