Siegfried Emme FNP is the owner of the Loveland Medical Clinic. The Loveland Medical clinic is motivated to help people maximize their health. We believe your fork is the most important tool for your health. With this you can control your weight, health, and your brain function. The 22 Day Weight Loss Program is a program to jump start you on your road to health. You will lose weight , get off medications that you currently are on, and learn a lifestyle that will affect you for the rest of your life. Our conclusion is that anyone can do this if they have the desire to be healthy. Once people have gone through our program they are able to control their own health with just the occasional visits with us. Call for an appointment at 970-541-0903 or visit our home page. We look forward to talking to you. Siegfried Emme FNP       Loveland Medical Clinic Loveland CO (970) 541-0903 Siegfried Emme