Start your journey to a healthier you today
What is included with Package B of the 22 Day Weight Loss Program
One on one coaching
You have metabolic syndrome
and realize that going it
 alone will be hard. That is what I am here for .
I can order labs, change medications, and
provide the needed support to make you
successful in your weight loss journey.
The Programs  amazing features
Access to membership site...
Everything you need for
the next 22 days to be
successful in your weight
loss goals.
Daily Email Reminders
We will send you a daily
email with a synopsis
 of the days plan  and
a link to the long version
 on the membership site .
Private Facebook Group...
A member only group where
you can get answers to questions
and support to keep going
in your weight loss goals.
No fancy shakes or foods.... 
Program based on the most
current scientific evidence. No
fancy meals to buy, just what
you can get at your local grocery.
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